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Coyote Radio is a newly launched Internet Based radio station based on Madeline Island. The concept of a radio station on Madeline Island is nothing new. A few folks have (in the past) gotten really close to launching a terrestrial station only to run into insurmountable hurdles. Ric Gillman paved the way for an internet solution but stated the technology "wasn't there yet". Despite this, Ric recorded several editions of The Madeline Island Radio Hour which he shared with Public Radio and other North Shore Stations. You can now hear some of these archived shows on this station. 

Coyote Radio believes that every Islander has an iteresting perspective and we would like to offer a forum to amplify that voice. The current way the station works is that we schedule the shows weekly. All other radio content is a rotation of music. If you feel you would like to hear a type of radio show that isn't currently being presented, make your own show. We might be able to broadcast it.

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