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Keith and Carol's


When Lauren and Gilpin bought the Sowl Farm, they were gifted many things in the sale....One of which was their record collection. Every week they choose some of the tracks that they see as treasures. Deep cuts from the vault. Maybe you yourself listened to these records while hanging out at their house. 

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Punk Rock


A celebration of a music genre that is as unique and independent as Madeline Island. From the shores of Lake Superior we'll explore punk rock, proto-punk, and what the genre Usually raw and fast guitar-driven rock, OR, it could be simply whatever Craig, the host wanted to hear this week. Enjoy! Feedback on Twitter @P3Coyote


Madeline Island

Radio Hour

Prerecorded performances of Island residents in all their theatric and comedic glory. Each week we present a different performance as Ric Gillman recorded them. A blast from the past.


This Island


Straight from the deep crates of a 90s house head, comes This Island House. Spinning multiple sub genres of dance music and Chicago House classics. Dance with us in This Island House!

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